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Veni, vidi, dormivi.

I came, I saw, I slept.

I'm Anthony Goldstein, asshole!
6 June
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Goldenprat, here.

I became a prefect on a fluke. I don't aspire to be Head Boy. I will not give you detention for stealing Filch's underwear and waving them about on the end of a stick. Run along now.
ants are scary, bassing, being so (sexually) confused, being the underachieving swot, bunny rabbits, calling everyone a fascist, clingy ravenclaws, defiling terry's pribbler, ejaculatorial pyrotechnics, encouraging mischief, flirting badly, hahaha "wand", having four stupid brothers, havingsecretloveaffairsviainterests, i wear bloomers??!, ickle hufflepuffs, impressively beat-up trainers, indeed! molest!, intentionally being childish, inventing secret code names, ithinkiloveyou, latin sucks, laughing when it's inappropriate, little baby ducklings, little pink bows, mates come before chocolate, michael totally molests cecilia, michael in his knickers (!!!), michael's avoidant tendencies, michael's incredibly huge sunglasses, mildly confusing sarcasm, mutiny, noidon'tsecretlyfancymichaelcorner, not being a prefect, not being head boy, not giving out detentions, not my first name, oi! give back my badge!, outsmarting your mum, poking people mercilessly, pretentiously long words, rainbows, sassing terry, saying yarrr, seeming to be foppish, sharing toffees ^_^, spiting the system, swearing in yiddish, taunting the portraits, tea parties, terry snores like a bastard, tonks' leather pants ohgodohgod, unicorns, whaddyamean /that/ bass?!